Loop Card Communication Card - Agni Fire Alarm

Loop Card Communication Card - Agni Fire Alarm

Description The LCIFP8 modular dual loop card for the IFP8 fire alarm control panel. Capable of controlling up to 484 devices(242 devices per loop). C...

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www.gst.uk.com. Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Description. The GST-IFP8 is an intelligent fire alarm control panel. Flush- mounted type housing it provides the perfect solution for all medium to large system by utilizing

commissioning and service engineers. By utilizing the GST protocol the GST-IFP8 can be networked with up to 240 panels, making this the perfect solution for large decentralized systems such as shopping centers, military camps, industrial complexes, h

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Selection of GST200-2 compatible Panels & Devices. ✓. GST-IFP8 8Loops Intelligent Fire Alarm Controller. ✓. GST5000 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Controller. ✓. GST200 Fire Alarm Panel.

Description. The GST-IFP8 is an intelligent fire alarm control panel. Flush-mounted type housing it provides the perfect solution for all medium to large system by utilizing advance GST. Protocol. The system is compatible with the complete range of G

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A component of the fire alarm system that receives signals from iniUaUng devices ... Manual IniUaUng Devices ... A fire alarm system component such as a bell,.

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Temperature: 0~+ 40°C. Relative Humidity: 95%. • Dimension: 850mm x 484mm x 192mm. GST-IFP8 (NEW!) Intelligent Modular 1-20 Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel. Fully modular and expandable fire command system, with multi loop and full integration with